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>> a modular curriculum to the nba isn't new, but tailoring it to students is a new approach. they are to build upon it so it's not only good for them but for everyone. >> we want them to channel those resources to becoming great businessmen in society. >> it's simple. if you want it bad enough, go get it. >> time waits for nobody. i ve to get it done now, and there is a dream after football and that dream is not going to wait for anybody. who goes out there and seizes it is going to get it, so now is the time. >> now's the time. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me today. cnn newsroom continues right now with ashley banfield. >> thank you so much, carol costello. hi, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 11:00 on the east coast which means it's 8:00 on the west coast. this was the question hanging over the dnc like, i don't know, a dark cloud? guess what, we now have the answer.
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within the past hour, convention organizers have had to announce that tomorrow night's nomination acceptance speech, the big one by president obama, is not going to be taking place at the situation on the left of your screen. instead it's going to be at the time warner arena on the right of your screen. the weather is the reason. the risk of bad storms is just way too high at this point to be going to the bank of america stadium after all. and that means that 50,000 stadium ticket holders who cannot be accommodated in the smaller venue are more than likely feeling as though there is rain on their parade. cnn's dana bash joins me live now from charlotte. obviously this wasn't news we weren't expecting, but we almost expected to hear it yesterday if it was going to happen at all because of these remarkable logistics, the advance teams that need to switch gears, the security. how did this happen and is it going to cause a huge problem? >> it is, and it's going to
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cause a lot more work, and as you said, it's going to cause a lot of heartache for tens of thousands of obama supporters who were coming in here. many were being bussed in from around the country to attend that event at that big stadium. what i'm told is that their hope is they can do a few things. one, that they're going to try to create as many overflow rooms as they can in and around the time warner cable arena where they will actually be having president obama's acceptance speech, but more likely than not, a lot of people simply won't be able to come. what they've already announced, ashleigh, is that the president himself will hold a national conference call with the people that can't come tomorrow, and they made a promise with those who can't make it because there's no room for them will somehow get to come to an event or meet with the president in some way, shape or form between now and the election. >> 50,000 people for breakfast at the white house, something like that? that's going to be a really tall order to fill.
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>> maybe more like come to an event in iowa. >> i think you're right. you can have a sign and take it home. let me read a tweet because in this day and age you get reactions like this. we have this one from a ticket holder who is none too pleased. she said, i waited 6.5 hours to pick up my credentials at cnn. i have to imagine she's one of those many, but some conspiracy the theorists say, this isn't because of weather, this is because they couldn't fill all those seats. >> i have been speaking to a number of cnn officials inside and outside the campaign, and they insist they had given away 65,000 tickets or credentials for the arena. it holds a little bit more but you need space to actually put the stage. someone who had gone over there a couple days ago said some of
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the seats were obstructed, ask they said, why are they obstructed? because we need the seats. that was the answer. i think another point you just touched on, ashleigh, and that is if the obama campaign has people who are so diehard that they were going to come all wait here from god knows where and now they're upset, that's the last thing they want, because one of the main goals of this convention, aside from messaging, is getting out the vote and energyienergizing the d organizing. one of the things they did at invesco field in denver was energize. they did it with texting and e-mail and so forth. their plans this time were in keeping with today's technology ask twitter and social media. they were really planning on using that as a major organizing tool and it just isn't available to them now and that is a big disappointment for the obama campaign when this comes to that
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fundamental, very important issue of organizing. >> keep an eye on the fallout for us if you would, dana. lit us know what you hear. behind you is our boss, so say hi to him for me and don't step out of line. >> dana bash live in charlotte at the cnn grill. another topic we have to get to as well. these people call themselves wives and mothers, but let me tell you, these days their biggest job is commander in chief. we're talking about ann romney and michelle obama. they're trying to convince voters that the man they love is the best man for the white house. take a look at what happened last night when first lady michelle obama took the stage at the dnc. >> believe it or not, when we were first married, our combined monthly student loan bill was actually higher than our mortgage. we were so young, so in love and so in debt.
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and that's why barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest rates down, because he wants every young person to fulfill their promise and be able to attend college without a mountain of debt. >> so in love and so in debt. if you look at some of the headlines, just really quickly, there's the daily news. she's a hit. we saw the same headlines with ann romney as well. she was a hit, too, so how did michelle do since we're on the news, and what about ann romney and the effect of ann romney? i want to bring in margaret hoover who is also the author of "american individualism." i want you to talk about exceptionalism. give me the rundown and how you think michelle obama's speech went over last night and then we'll get to ann romney as well. >> look, first lady obama was a huge hit, and, you know, i'm a republican but i watched her and i was really moved. frankly, no feeling person couldn't watch her without being
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moved. she spokpassionately and compellingly about her love for her husband, her husband's lo for his children. he has dinner with his family almost every night in the west wing. it helps to live above your office, but she did a very good job. she also painted them as being very connected to the middle class. this is going to be one of the sticking points in the campaign. you're going to hear over and over from all the seizuurrogater president obama that they're trying to paint mitt romney and ann romney as out of touch with the middle class, and trying to remind you that the obamas are from the middle class. that's what she kept saying last night. >> if you look at all the assessments of the first lady and the wannabe first lady. i want to show a comparison as they both try to sell their husbands. take a look. >> as partner on this amazing journey, i can tell you that mitt romney was not handed
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success. he built it. >> barack know whaz t it means when a family struggles. he knows what it means to want more for your kids and grandkids. barack knows the amerin dream because he's lived it. >> if i had a nickel for every time i heard an analyst or reporter saying, they're bringing out their secret weapons now. every politician's wife seems to be a secret weapon. so the question is when you see these kind of excellent and exceptional performances, do they have the sticking power that they need or are they a zero sum game? >> they're absolutely not a zero sum game. first, for every surrogate, the bottom line is do no harm, and neither of these women did harm. what they did was make i understand -- independents across america see their husband as humanized. and the first lady is viewed as
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a prominent american across the world, so they both did what they needed to do. the question is going to be what are the major issues in this campaign? president obama and mitt romney need women. president obama is doing much better with women. the question is, will women's issues be the question per se or are all issues women's issues. given that two out of three businesses are started by women, are jobs in the economy going to trump the single issues that women are supposed to care more about. >> why is margaret hoover, my friend, my colleague, my mentor, why do we keep seeing headlines about the costs of their dresses? i didn't see anyone asking about julian castro's fabulous suit and the matching suits between his brother and him, but i tell you what, we know even because of all the coverage and the tweeting what the cost of ann romney's oscar de la rent a's
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dress was, and the cost of michelle obama's tracy reese dress. >> they go there because it shows who is in touch with the middle class and who isn't. when michelle obama talked approximate denver, the cost of her dress reached $1,000. when you're the first lady of the united states, you have a bevy of dresses designed for you, and that is no different for ann romney, but that plays into the narrative, so that's why you see the focus on it. it's a down time in the economy, and it is an attempt, again, to suggest that the romneys are out of touch with middle class americans, which that will be up to the american people to decide, but i think that story plays into that narrative. >> i want to button this up with
8:11 am
something else we see so prevalently in this day and age is digital media. the number of tweets that were rolling in per minute when it came to michelle obama. 28,000 tweets per minute while she was speaking. she's not even the candidate. look how it compared to the left. mitt romney's measurement was only 14,000 tweets per minute. but let's finish it this way by saying, as you said, she's not running. she may have an effect but she's not running. important to note that. >> and she's also the first lady of the united states, and she's been in a very prominent role for five years now, so let's -- you know, i think balance it by the reality that she's not a world leader yet. >> hoover, you're great. thank you. >> thanks. have fun down there. >> all right, so cnn's prime time coverage of the national convention will kick off tonight with wolf blitzer and anderson cooper and during the 10:00 hour, bill clinton is going to
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breaking news we want to bring to you. we're just getting word now of a major earthquake off the pacific coast of costa rica which in itself at 7.6 is significant, but it's the tsunami warning as well for much of the caribbean that may be even more significant. let me bring in my colleague, chad meyers, who is live with this. give me all you can with such little information that we're getting officially what this can mean that are pfor that region. >> it's truly all over the map what we've heard about this earthquake. 7 miles deep, 4 miles deep. off the coast, tsunami warning canceled, tsunami warning for the pacific. that's still valid, so i think things are still shaking out here literally. the coast is right here. a very popular area when if comes coututo tourists. not too many people live here,
8:16 am
only 1500 residents, but it was only 20 miles from that town. it it's about 70 miles to san jose. we were seeing buildings rattling, literally. there is still damage that can happen even that close. there's some of the video right there. there you go. shaking there. and that is far away. that's almost 100 miles away considering you add the depth and the hypotenuse over the city. there might be damage close to the ep center which is close to the coast. tsunami watch will be here or there. the tsunami would already be on shore if it was coasta rica, maybe even up toward mexico. the risk here is not like a tsunami we had where the earth moved a lot in the ground, because this shake actually happened under the earth, not under the water. there could still be movement,
8:17 am
there could be landslides. those landslides could push water away. it could push water away into hawaii. if there could be a tsunami, we'll have enough notice, but there is nothing for that right now. >> just with the tsunami watch in the caribbean, and yet we're on the pacific coast -- >> the caribbean one is canceled. the watch and warning was all canceled. that was printed out in air, i'm sure. that was the chaos in the first couple minutes. when seismologists see 7 anything, they start pushing buttons, and i think the caribbean was on the wrong side of where the earthquake was, and that's why it got canceled right away. >> that got me a little confused when you look at the map and see that's not the right coast. would you keepn eye on that as well and just let us know?
8:18 am
>> it's going to take a few minutes for them to find the real epicenter and find out if it was on shore. right now it's still a vacuum. we'll take about 15 minutes and have it all nailed down for you. >> glad you know your geography, my friend. chad meyers on the situation. we'll check in with chad to find out if there is any updates to that. back aft this. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it bnice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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so again, we just wanted to bring you up to speed. a 7.6 magnitude earthquake striking coasta rica on the pacific coast. where you see the red dot is the epicenter, essentially. but if you go inland to the ser center of the country, that's where you find the capital, san jose. i'm joined by andreas sellas who lives in that country. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> tell me what it was like and what it was like for your hotel.
8:22 am
>> we all felt it, but everybody is safe. no serious damages to structures. >> i'm seeing movement of a camera fixed to a building, and it looks like it was shaking, but this isn't something that created mass panic to the guests or anyone else you know, was it? >> no, we were able to have evacuation in one minute, and also the buildings close by. we are safe, as i mention the, and the tremor was felt by everybody, of course, in the country, and we are receiving reports from all over the kup country. >> i know you're not on the coast, you're inland in san jose, but there has been a lot of misreporting about a tsunami warning. first it was the caribbean at concern, now we're hearing it may be the coastal region at concern. how is the information going? are you getting everything you need from your government or everything you need for your
8:23 am
guest and see how they can get out of there if they need to? >> the capital will not be affected by any kind of tsunami, we don't want that, but they're on alert right now. they are supposed to tell us in, like, five minutes what's going on exactly. they will issue an alert and there has been one delivered. >> are you getting all major broadcasts there? >> yes, we are receiving signals from different channels and we have radio and telephone connections. >> i'm glad to hear you're in good shape where you are, but again, you're miles away from the coast where the epicenter was as we look on our map. so abra sellas, thanks so much for your information and we'll touch base with you as information warrants. thanks once again, this is the manager of the grand hotel costa rica in san jose, the capital of
8:24 am
costa rica, and a 7.6 magnitude earthquake striking within the last hour in that country. obviously, information fast and furious, a tsunami warning for the pacific coastal area where that red dot is not for the caribbean. that was originally reported on the east side of the country, but that has been switched out now. there is no tsunami warning for the caribbean nations and the islands that are obviously in that area as well. we'll watch the story for you. in the meantime, we still have another big story we've been covering, and that is this. america's choice 2012. we've got a new generation of rising political stars, folks. they bring diversity, they bring appeal, and each of them brings a story about the american dream as well. and boy, does it go over well on a stage. at the republican national convention there was florida senator marco rubio. >> my dad was a bartender. my mom was a cashier, a hotel maid, a stock clerk at k mart.
8:25 am
they never made it big. just a few decades removed from hopelessness, they made possible for us all the things that had been impossible for them. >> now, that was some pretty good stuff, and last night we had a repeat of good. it was at the dnc. this is san antonio mayor julian castro with his identical twin brother introducing him. >>y grandmother never owned a house. she cleaned other people's houses so she could afford to rent her own, but she saw her daughter become the first in her family to graduate from college. and my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. >> no one will argue that is some strong stuff, too. and with that speech, mayor castro made history. he is the first latino to deliver a keynote address at the dnc ever. he and his twin brother joaquin spoke to piers morgan last night, and here's what julian
8:26 am
said about his historic speech. >> the important thing tonight and at this election is which candidate will make sure america remains unquestionably the land of opportunity in the coming years, and my speech was about why i'm convinced that president barack obama. >> so let's go to our senior latin affairs manager who joins us live now. the star was julian castro and the impact he may have on his voters? >> that's a huge impact, ashleigh. he pushed all the right buttons and said all the right things, and he helped the audience understand the immigration experience and realizing the sacrifices his mother and grandmother had to go through. but he also captured the audience in a very special way, ashleigh, by speaking spanish. that phrase he said at the very end, may god bless you, that is something very dear to many latinos, and i know that personally because that's what my mother tells me every time i
8:27 am
leav leave, son, may god bless you, and i'm sure that connected with many hispanic voters. also the clip where he talked about the fact that his grandmother and mother worked very hard jobs for him to be able to hold a microphone instead of a mop. i think that resonated with many latino voters. >> i don't think you can argue the power of the two of them together, julian and joaquin, out on that stage together. they dressed the same as well, the same shirt, different ties. but it was interesting to see them together, and joaquin in his own right is a rising star. >> this is an incredible american story. you have twin brothers. their grandmother comes from mexico, and only two generations later, they go to some of the best schools in the world, they're both in politics, they're very successful, very well spoken and they're rising stars in the democratic party. and one of them, julian castro, people are even talking about
8:28 am
the possibility of him running for president in four years. so just think about this happening in just a span of two generations. that's incredible and something that only happens in america. >> notwithstanding the very strong political differences and cultural differences between julian castro and marco rubio who introduced mitt romney at the gop convention last week -- this is a two-part question. a, did mitt romney get the hispanic bounce he may have been wanting, the person who introduced him to deliver, and b, what does this tell us about those very significant different cultural differences between these two rising stars? >> i was listening to both speeches, last night julian castro, last week marco rubio. they are both very similar. they are both talking about their families and the sacrifices they had to make coming from different countries. marco rubio talking about his grandfather and how he appreciated the freedom his
8:29 am
family gained here in america. now, the problem on the republican side when it comes to latinos is not that marco rubio didn't connect, i think he did a remarkable job. the problem is mitt romney has associated himself with people like chris kovach who is the architect of some of the immigration laws in places like arizona, and a lot of people in the hispanic community really don't connect with that. it has been a turn-off for many, many people, but it's not because marco rubio didn't connect, it is because of other things that the romney campaign has done. >> all right, rafael, thank you. i couldn't help thinking, rafael, when i saw julian castro thinking, wow, that could be one of the next presidents of the united states. then i thought, wait a minute, castro, on a ballot in florida?
8:30 am
by the way, having a chance to win the white house, mitt romney's campaign has said the magic number of latino voters they need is 38%. based on the latest gallop poll, only 29% of the latino voters said they would support mitt romney. at usaa, we believe honor is not exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds,
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i want to bring you back an update on that earthquake we've
8:33 am
been covering for you that just happened in the last hour in costa rica. you can see samara, the epicenter, the red dot on your screen. this is a 7.6 magnitude quake that has resulted in tsunami warnings for the pacific coast as well but not for the care beep. that w -- caribbean. that was a warning that went out erroneously earlier. not for the eastern shores of costa rica. certainly anyone there and landlocked in the center of that country, but samara is one of the main cities and that's really close to where the epicenter is. an american named bill root who has lived there for 14 years sperps experienced this firsthand. he joins me on the telephone. mr. root, can you hear me? >> caller: yes, i can. >> i understand you're from san diego but you've been living in costa rica for 14 years. you're close to the epicenter
8:34 am
here. >> caller: it was a very strong earthquake. everything was falling off the shelves and the ground was rolling. it was a good one. >> so you're the owner of the phoenix hotel in samara? is that right on the beach, so you're literally -- >> yes, it's on the beach. >> are you in the path of any potential stsunami, now that we know there is this warning? >> we're getting conflicting reports on the warning. some say it was issued and then canceled. but we're 50 meters from the beach. >> i asked someone in san jose, which is a lopg wng way from sa jose, i understand, and he said communications is fine. are you as updated auz nes you to be? >> no, our phone lines just started working again. cell service just started working again. water lines work, electricity works. >> i'm sorry, did you say the
8:35 am
electricity is out? sdplz it >> it's out, yes. i'm being told there was an erroneous tsunami warning that went out for the caribbean on the east coast of costa rica. that was dropped. it was a mistake, but there was still a warning, to our knowledge, that was for the pacific coast where you are, and now we're being told that was dropped as ll. you've got guest nz your hotel. were they informed? >> they checked out after the earthquake. they went to higher ground. >> what's happened with everybody else in that vicinity and you included? >> a lot of people are on the beach looking at the ocean, walking around just trying to assess whaelt's going on. it's a little bit frightening. >> do you feel safe? >> not especially, no. >> mr. root, i hope you get more information and i hope you're able to assess what's happened. >> i have some people calling me
8:36 am
up from san jose giving us updates on what's going on. >> at least we can tell you that the tsunami warning is now gone. on our screen right now, we have tsunami warning area reduced, but i am receiving word that it's been switched. it's been reduced to certain areas. sorry i can't be more specific for you than that, but without question, i hope you're getting the communications that you need, and i appreciate you giving up this firsthand account from the beach in samara. thank you, sir. >> okay, thank you. >> that was bill root, a former resident in washington who has lived in costa rica for 14 years and owns a hotel on the beach. i'm sorry the communication is so scattered, but sometimes that happens when you're trying to figure out what's happening and where the warpnings are coming in. the most we can tell you is the unami warning for that pacific coast has been reduced, but i can't tell you reduced to where. we're going to continue to
8:37 am
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all right, just before we get to our political coverage, i want to give you a further update. just as we were going to the break on our breaking news about the earthquake in costa rica, a 7.6 point magnitude earthquake in the city of samara. there have been changing reports about tsunami warnings, originally that it was for the care beep. that was canceled. then it switched to the pacific coast. then we were told it was reduced, gone altogether and then reduced. now we have a bit more clarification on the tsunami warning, and this is what i can tell you. reduced but not really. the entire coast of costa rica is apparently still under the tsunami warning. and add to that the coast of panama and nicaragua as well. so our team is calling our guest back, bill root, who owns the hotel there and says many of his guests are on the beach looking out at the ocean to let him know. their communications are spotty at best. that's the updated information,
8:41 am
and you have to understand so much of this comes in in spotty waves, but they're doing their best to clarify exactly where these warnings are, and the latest information we've been given is for that warning to the entire coast of costa rica. that northeast coast that you're looking at and the caribbean, there is no concern for the caribbean islands or any coastal regions in the carecaribbean. we'll get what we can and give it to you at a breaking pace. but it can change certainly with the weather reports. back to the story of the democratic national convention. big moment coming about 36 hours off, but president obama is setting up for charlotte if less than ftwo hours and that's wher sometime tonight the democrats will put him on the ticket for 2012. that will be the last speech by
8:42 am
democratic president, mr. bill clinton. paul steinhauser is watching all the comings and goings. a lot of people are looking forward to a very big speech by president clinton. he is known for giving excellent speeches. i don't know if they're barn burners but they are very effective. does president obama need a bill clinton? >> in a way, yes, he does, ashleigh. bill clinton has a favorable rating right now. 56%. that's in our maypole for cnn. he's very popular with a lot of americans. the obama campaign embracing bill clinton. thipg he's a good surrogate for this president as he runs for reelection. they haven't seen any details of his speech yet, but they're fine with that. when he gets behind me at the arena tonight at the 10:00 hour, they think he'll be an effective surrogate. it's a similar story line, that he came in in very tough
8:43 am
economic times like president obama did four years ago, and they think bill clinton will tell an effective story of why his policies will be more productive than mitt romney's. >> some are suggesting that bill clinton might just remind voters that barack obama is not bill clinton. in fact, ryan prybus actually reminded us of that. have a lisp. >> he will remind us that president clinton is not mr. obama. >> you look back at the mid-1990s. a very economic time and bill clinton was presiding over that, and they said they think bill clinton will hurt rather than help president obama. we'll see. i guess we'll find out on november 6 down the road, but that's what republicans are saying. ashlei
8:44 am
ashleigh, two more people we need to talk about who are speaking in prime time. sandra fluke. you remember her very public fight with rush limbaugh over the fight for contraception. she speaks at the 9:00 hour. at the 10:00 hour, official elizabeth warren who is now the senate nominee in massachusetts. ashlei ashleigh? >> thank you, sir. you have your work cut out for you. do appreciate it. do tune in to our coverage. it begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. also sunday we're going to bring you a behind the scenes look at both presidential candidates. 8:00 p.m., it's romney revealed, faith family and the road to power. followed by obama revealed, the man, the president. fantastic reporting. i urge you, if you are a voter or thinking about going to the polls, watch these two document rise. they are very insightful.
8:45 am
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it was a holiday outing with a special twist, a ride on a helicopter. but the helicopter fell from the sky, erupt into flames and laura sharp was inside. she survived it but just barely, and four years later, laura sharp, a name you should know, helps other trauma survivors and she does it using something called art therapy. dr. sanjay gupta has her story. >> memorial day weekend 2008. laura sharp and her stepdaughter are headed out of town on a 14-minute flight from long beach, california to catalina island. >> there were four of us traveling with two of the helicopter company's staff, and life changed. there was a mechanical failure, and we lost power. >> three of the six aboard died in the crash. laura's stepdaughter, badly
8:49 am
injured herself, saw her unconscious mother and dragged her from the wreckage by her hair. critical care specialist dr. andrea fineberg assumed responsibility for laura's treatment. >> she had literally fallen out of the sky and every part of her body was either fractured or suffering in some way. i wasn't sure how she would survive everything. sdp >> laura suffered burns to more than half her body, severe brain trauma, dozens of fractures and collapsed lungs, not to mention severe psychological trauma. >> i am newly configured from head to toe. they did such a beautiful job putting me back together. i'm like humpty dump by. it definitely took all the king's horses and all the king's men. never fly faster than your guardian angel can fly. >> today laura is moving forward, expressing herself through art. she believes in art therapy so
8:50 am
strongly, she founded art trauma. it helps other survivors to heal. thisoman lost her ability to see because of a defect in her heart. she chose pottery. >> it's difficult of a bacteria to her heart. she is cured by pottery. >> it is difficult to see when i have the clay, but i can feel it. >> and laura feels like she has found her purpose. >> tempering distraction of the survivor are the their pain and bringing them love. >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting. the human factor is brought to you by the one and only cherrios. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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so far at least nine different states have passed laws saying that voters cannot cast ballots unless they show a photo i.d. issued by the government. now why would they do this? supthat these laws are needed to prevent fraud, and voter impersonation fraud and who doesn't want to stop that in america? but the problem is do we have a voter impersonation crisis leading to false elections? so joining g ing us is the authn fund and hance von spakovsky,
8:53 am
and john fund joining us who is also a columnist for the "washington review." this is starting to sound like a crisis, but i am hearing otherwise, it is not the crisis that people are making it out to be and make your case why it is. >> well, all of the states recently who have pass ed the laws have also addressed absentee voter fraud and the registration lists that we have, and the whole problem is not voter impersonation, but it can certainly happen. a 22-year-old white kid with an earring and a byrd walked into a polling place in washington and said, do you have an eric field on the ballot and voted. so we have over 2 million people dead on the voter registration ballots. absentee, it is really a problem, and we can crackdown by requiring people to provide a social security number or
8:54 am
driver's license number when they send in the ballot. and the pew research center says that over half have an error or problem. that is an engraved invitation to problems. if the this is a close election, all we want to do is to prevent a gore v. bush situation and voter fraud. >> i agree with cheaters anded they should be met with the harshest of punishment, but i want to do the right thing and never ever manipulate a real legitimate voter from being able to exercise his or her right. i am starting to wonder if this voter i.d. at the polls is targeting the right part of the problem. john, there are statistics that suggest that the biggest problem is really not in person voter i.d. infractions and i have stats here that i was shocked when i read them.
8:55 am
let me start with this. whoa, whoa, whoa. you have cited incredible statistics so this is what news 21, the foundation of the carnegie foundation of new york has backed this foundation and based out of the walter cronkite school of journalism and if you lose cronkite, you lose the country. so they found 491 cases of absentee ballot fraud, and that has nothing to do with the voter i.d. issue at thele polls. and 400 case of registration fraud which has nothing to do with the solution of make people show a i.d. at the ballot box. and 10 cases since the year 2000 of in person-impersonation fraud. and ten cases since the year 2000 have been documented and yet we have nine states that found that ten cases were so serious that we needed to put this initiative in place. i don't get it. no. look. the law covers voter i.d., and
8:56 am
covers absentee ballot fraud and cleaning up the voter registration list. it is a package deal. most of the studies you cite looked at federal and state prosecutions and almost all of the voter fraud prosecutions in the country just like our election system are deinvolved to the county level. there are 3,056 kocounties in t united states and there are far more cases of voter registration fraud if you looked at all of the counties. you can't be a shreelective use the statistics which is what most of the studies do. we know it is like shoplifting. do we know all of the cases? no, it is an iceberg, and 9/10ths are below the surface. >> well, those statistics are telling and i want to run a sound bite like you from the heritage foundation in the past week that has to do with -- >> those are counties. >> and let me go to you and your analysis of the difference of
8:57 am
the absentee ballot fraud and in-person fraud which i will argue with you that these in-person i.d. laws target. they do not target, according to the judges and according to those who are in the business of this, they do not target aben sen tee ballots and why there is a plit ka connection to this, and these are your words, john, and listen and you can comment on the other side of it. >> i think it is a fair argument of some liberals that some people voter the i.d. part and ignore the absentee part, because republicans like the absentee balloting more and they don't want to restrict it, but the bottom line on government grounds we need both good voterer i.d. laws and absentee law laws. >> that is troubling to hear the connection of the political targeting of the absentee and in-person. >> ashleigh, ashleigh, i argued against what they were doing because they should include
8:58 am
absentee as a package of the balloting reform. but pennsylvania and all other states have combined the absentee reform, and voter i.d. form and registration list reform. that is a package supported. look, rhode island has a democratic legislation, and the response was the only african-american senator in the state, and the sponsor of the statehouse was the african-american speaker, and you talk to them, and they say there is massive voter fraud they had to address, and they are democrats. >> one thing i found troubling and i have to wrap it up, because of so much breaking news, but i could talk to you for an hour about this is that the -- >> please have me back. >> and the house republican leader said in june, voter i.d. will allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania done, and that is sad to hear. you will come back because i guarantee you that i want you back when we have more time, and not the breaking news. john, thank you. john fund joining us live on
8:59 am
this topic and again i would not have cut him out if it weren't for the breaking news of costa rica. and suzannele malveaux will start next.

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